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Carden Park Wedding of Llinos & Alan

Llinos and Alan’s wedding was at a snowy Carden Park and thankfully all the guests had made it over to Cheshire and with the service and reception at Carden we were all set for a great day.  Rachel was with Llinos up in her suite getting all the important preparation pictures and details whilst I met up with Alan in the bar having a quick beer to settle the nerves.  Their children of course played a very important role in the day and for us made it easy as they were both so photogenic.  After the ceremony we ventured out into the snow, working quickly with the bridesmaids and guests so that they could get back into the warm as soon as possible before going off with just Llinos and Alan to other parts of the Carden estate.  I have covered many many Welsh weddings over the years but ashamedly I still can barely speak a word but I’m sure the speeches were great as everyone was laughing 🙂  After the wedding breakfast we again popped outside to get some dramatic shots and then back in for some more around the fireplace.  Llinos and Alan were in last week to choose their album selections and we look forward to designing the album for them.