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First Dance

First Dance

Whenever we meet with a couple prior to the wedding the question ‘what are you doing for your first dance’ often meets with a bit of an awkward answer, usually from the groom to be!   If you’re a private person or not a good dancer, the idea of getting up in front of all of you family and friends probably fills you with dread.  For many people they just want to get it out of the way so a few minutes shuffling around followed by beckoning their friends to join them is enough and that’s fine, hey it’s their wedding day. In truth that’s what Rachel and I did on our wedding day although the champagne did make me improvise a more elaborate dance on the spot, but thankfully phones with video cameras in weren’t around at the time!

A quick look on youtube and a glance through the wedding magazines shows that for many that just doesn’t cut it and a full on Strictly Come Dancing type routine is required to wow your guests.  Having now taken 6 months of dance lessons personally I really wish I had taken the time to learn before our wedding, as I have gone from very reluctant student to a bit of an aficionado.  For a first dance you don’t need 6 months of lessons or to learn the ins and outs of the Waltz, Quickstep etc, just a short 3-4 minute routine can be learnt with 5 hours of one to one training, that’s enough to get a well deserved round of applause from your guests (how good would that feel 🙂 ).  If you want something really fancy with lots of spins and drops you will probably need more hours of course, and you never know you may be naturals.  Owner and teacher of Aspirations dance Richard Colley is responsible for our meteoritic rise from non-dancer’s to award winners (ok we only won a jive competition on a cruise ship up against 10 other couples all over 60’s but to me it counts 🙂 )   Richard offers one to one private lessons with couples and will gently ease you into your first steps, and if you are nervous, and will patiently work with you to ensure a successful first dance in front of all your friends and family.

Richard can be contacted through:

When we photograph an evening reception at a wedding, photos of the first dance look great and always make it into the album so even if you decide lessons aren’t for you, enjoy it and get moving!!