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Lisa & Chris – Married :)

Hoole Hall Chester was the venue for Lisa and Chris’s wedding and reception and what a great couple they were to work with.  The key to getting really stunning photos is to give us as much time as you can, and Lisa and Chris certainly did that, going along with all our ideas and I think it shows in the pictures.   Often on a wedding day its planned to only give the photographer an hour, and that’s fine if that’s all the day allows but if you can stretch that a bit further we can really get creative.

Its only that fact that their group shots are indoors that indicate what a wet wedding this was, all day it just rained but fair play they were still up for photos by the lake and gazebo.  By the evening the rain cleared and we could get the speedlites out and we were all really pleased with the results.  Its always nice to bump into previous clients at weddings and Emma and Carl who got married last August were there so happy anniversary to them!


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