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Rachel’s Day Out

When the wedding season starts to quieten off a bit, do we put down our cameras and head off to sunnier climes?,  no (not just yet)

We try to fit in training courses and workshops with top photographers so we can learn new ideas,try things out and have a play which we cant really do on a wedding day.  So Rachel was packed off to Brett Harkness studio in Rochdale last week for a wedding workshop set around Manchester.  She came back inspired and kept me up until 1am, showing me her photos and suggesting things we might do next year, I was really pleased she enjoyed it so much and I am always the same when I come back from training shoots.  Brett is one of the country’s leading wedding photographers and getting our own work up to his level is ultimatley what are trying to achieve.  So thanks to Brett and Kristie for the day and I look forward to meeting with them myself in November for a shoot,  really looking forward to that.

Many photographers shy away from saying that they still do workshops, but I believe there is always value in surrounding yourself with the best out there and if a photographer lives till a 100 they still wont have learnt everything about the art.

Enjoy Rachel’s images (and my photoshop work!)

[svgallery name=”Brett”]