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Gareth & Sonia – Thornton Manor Wedding Photography

Another wonderful wedding which I want to share with you today is Gareth and Sonia’s which took place at the stunning Thornton Manor in Cheshire.  Rachel was on maternity leave so I was accompanied by Claire who met up with the guys at the grooms cottage whilst I was with the Sonia and the girls in the bridal party.  The ceremony was in the paneled dining room which for photography is wonderful as beautiful natural light flows through the large doors.  The weather really didn’t play ball and we had rain pretty much all day but with a venue as nice as Thornton Manor its really no issue as the interiors are as beautiful  if not more beautiful than the outside!    We did manage to venture out for a short time with just the bride and goom and managed to get a few shots before having to dive back in and then it was onto the evening reception and the dancing which took place in the breathtaking music room.  I’m sure Gareth and Sonia will have a wonderful future together and we of course wish them all the very best.


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