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Rachel’s Boudoir Photography – Sneak Preview

It was four years ago this week that I shot my first wedding, it was for a friend and was of course free of charge. When I shot it, I asked Rachel to come along for both moral support and to help me in case I ran out of ideas. Anyway, luckily all went well and we grew the business and since then, our business has grown beyond what I could have imagined. Over that time Rachel has become more and more of a photographer, from a few candid shots at earlier weddings I now honestly think she would do a great job if she needed to cover a wedding entirely on her own. But thats not the plan, we love working together on weddings and have no desire to change that. What Rachel does have however is her own personal project, Boudoir photography.

What is Boudoir photography? Its is not glamour photography, yes its glamorous but is not about nudity. Boudoir Photography refers to images that scream of romance, sensuality and flirtation. This can mean just the look in your eye, not what you are wearing. It has everything to due with a subjects attitude and state of mind. Brides may have an album of boudoir style photographs made as a present for their soon to be husbands or women may just have then for themselves.

Rachel is not ready yet to launch this side of her business to paying clients but to show you the progress she is making with her training she has set-up a new facebook fan page. And here on my blog I have just posted three amazing pictures which she recently shot during her training, and it goes without saying I am really proud of her.