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Helen & Kerrian – Married :)

Helen and Kerrians wedding started off at the beautiful St Marys Church in Eccleston near Chester.  What a lovely village, it would be a great place to live but one of the locals informed me that every house is owned by the Duke of Westminster and so the chances of him ever needing the money and selling up is pretty remote!!  Whilst we were not permitted to take any pictures during the service we made great use of their ground and the avenue of limes which date from the 18th Century (again I am reliably informed!), then we were off to nearby Rowton Hall for more photographs.  You may also notice the top hats, pretty rare these days but according to the magazines due to make a big comeback,  not good enough for Kerrian though, he also had the matching canes and was only short of white gloves and a monocle to complete the dandy look.

Helen and Kerrian had spent a lot of time rehersing their first dance and as mentioned in a earlier post Rachel and myself are currently taking dance lessons so were really keen to see how they got on.  Fair play very good, clearly spent more hours on the dance floor than us and the rest of the guests later danced along to a big band duet.

[svgallery name=”Helen_Kerrian”]