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Jerry Ghionis and the £5 Pie


Firstly sorry for the lack of updates over Christmas, basically I was having such a good time playing in the snow with Milly I didn’t have time to update it :). We did however have a number of great shoots and I will be blogging them in the next week or so.

Last weekend following a fantastic wedding at Inglewood Manor with Sian and Barry we shot straight down to London for the SWPP conference. We are members of the SWPP which is the society of wedding and portrait photographers and every year they organize a trade show with masterclasses with photographers from around the world. As photographers are pretty much all self employed it’s a little more raucous than most business conferences where people getting drunk have to worry what their boss might think. That said when we walked into the hotel and there was a man in his girlfriends dress dancing on the table you are still a bit taken back!

This year’s main speaker was Australian master photographer Jerry Ghionis and it’s fair to say Rachel and I are huge fans of his work. To put it into context  Jerry has won an unprecedented 5 out of the last 6 International wedding album of the year awards from the WPPI and has far too many other awards for me to go into. We did a small superclass with Jerry where he took us through his techniques of making couples look amazing and as valuable as that was, what blew us both away was how inspirationally he spoke. For somebody who is at the very top of the industry his passion and drive to improve everybody’s craft was amazing. We also watched his fantastic group presentation to 600 delegates the following day, but it was the one to one time we spent with him that really inspired us. Such a nice guy and incredible talent we really hope to see Jerry again in the future.

The rest of the conference and trade show was great, with the usual hordes of new album suppliers showing us that the albums we already use are the best, but I did treat myself to a new personal leather portfolio from plastic sandwich (funny name, great album!)

But…and it’s a big But…..£5 for a small meat pie and £2 for a can of coke!!! Now I know London is expensive and I might be a northerner and a Welshman but come on Novotel that was a complete con. I was too shocked to take the picture of the pie but found the receipt in my pocket today which brought back the numbness that only getting ripped off can bring 🙂

Anyway enough talking, next post will have some nice pictures…