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Love the Dress!

One of the things I get emailed about a lot is what is the ‘Love the Dress’ gallery on the main website all about and what’s the difference to the wedding gallery.  Its something we have been working on for some time and can now tell you…

The idea of a post wedding shoot is nothing new with videos all over YouTube featuring trash the dress shoots from the US where the a bride will do just that, trash the dress in a junkyard or jump about in a stream.  If you jumped about in a stream in the UK in your wedding dress you will probably catch pneumonia!  Personally I have a bit of a thing about trash, I just personally don’t like it, the idea of a beautiful dress being worn once then destroyed just doesn’t fit well with me.

But a post wedding shoot is a great idea, a chance to wear the dress again (you could just wear it around the house but its a bit impractical)  and get some really stunning really different photos from those on your wedding day.

On the real wedding day there are always time pressures with the need to get photos with parents, uncles and aunties etc and although we always get as creative as we can the hotels never give you enough time to get the fancy lights out etc.  So on a ‘Love the Dress’ day you and your husband are taken to a luxury hotel where after a pamper and a glass or two of champagne we set about getting the type of images that would grace a top wedding magazine.   Maybe it rained on your wedding day, maybe you weren’t 100% happy with your photographer and don’t have that WOW photo you really wanted for above the fireplace, we can get it for you.

If you had your reception at a traditional hotel then why not try a contemporary hotel and get a totally different look and set of photographs.  Even some of our past clients  who loved their wedding days photos  have been on a ‘Love the Dress’ shoot as its just another chance to look a million dollars and the photos blew them away.

It does not even have to be a post wedding shoot, even if you are not married or have a partner but have an amazing dress and want to look great, we can get those WOW photos with you.

Get in touch for pricing as each ‘Love the Dress’ package is bespoke and we arrange hotels and spa treatments around you