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Wet Weddings


We are now well over half way through our ‘traditional’ wedding season and nearly finished the busiest month of the year. It’s often due to school holidays and the idea the weather will be better that makes this the most popular time of year. I was really hoping the weather this August would have been better than last year which was pretty lousy and it was but still not the clear skys they promised. That said we had a very wet wedding, a few weeks ago at Hoole Hall Chester and came away with some fantastic pictures, which are amongst the years best.

A wet wedding like a winter wedding is where the photographer is really challenged, and this is where you really see the difference between a professional photographer and ‘uncle bob’ that’s doing a favor for the bride and groom. Although on many wedding days you get a bit of rain, and we dart in and out where possible, sometimes it pours all day giving you little option but to shoot indoors. I think I must be a bit of a masochist as I really like having to think on my feet when the heavens open. If it’s a old building we can work with plush furnishings, fireplaces and four poster beds or at a modern hotel, down lights and funky furniture. Either way we have our trusty cream and white umbrellas in the car for the bride and groom to use but really hope they stay in the car all day.

So if you wake up on your wedding day and its raining, so what, nothing you can do about it and really won’t stop you having what will be the best days of your lives. And if you dress get a bit muddy does it matter you may never wear it again. I say ‘may’ as you might want to book one of our amazing ‘Love the Dress’ post wedding sessions!